21 Day Fix Containers Explained- How the container system works. 


So the 21 day fix is the best selling program for Beach body in 2014. The reason is simple, eat whats in the containers, do the exercises which equals weight loss with muscle being built.

The question is, how do these containers work?

Simple the food is broken into containers. A formula is provided in the book for your bracket, for example i’m in the lowest bracket.



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My daily containers for the 21 Day Fix:

3 greens (veggies)
2 purple (fruits)
2 red (proteins)
2 yellow (carbs)
1 blue (healthy fats)
1 orange (seeds and dressings)
2 tsp (nut butters, oils)

Tips to be successful with the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

The program has been out a while so the guess work is taken care of. From groups on facebook that share meal plans, bloggers with plenty of recipes, coaches like myself doing the program, and challenge groups. Resources and accountability is at your finger tips.  After all the research and countless number of people I have spoke about the program. There one tip that stands out for success with the fix which is PLAN AHEAD. It will not be because you planned to fail it is because you failed to plan. 


So what is considered great planning ahead?


1. Read the whole meal guide

        -The whole thing 

2.Join the facebook groups, get a coach like me =)find sites for recipes

         -Get that extra help so you don’t have to go it alone. 

3.Make sure you have all the kitchen tools

          – Pots, pans, food processors, Seasonings, etc.

4. Make a list of the foods you can eat for each container that you want.

           –Evernote is a great app for keeping up with lists and tasks

5. Get food to last at least four days

             -When you know what you have to eat for the day it keeps you consistent

6. Make your meals for at least three days ahead

              -This will keep you ahead of the game

7. Have everything stored in your favorite types of containers 

                -This is crucial to your success to make everything easily storable and trasnportable

8. Make sure you have a good water bottle or shaker

                  -You need to stay consistent in you water consumption

9. Have a good cooler or lunch box  so you can take your food if you are on the run or can’t get home

                   -Functionality is key

10. Have plenty of green tea, coffee, and water available

                     -Great boost of energy, thermogenics, and antioxidants 

11. Reflect and continually improve to be more efficient. 

                       -Get better by continually improving.


 I have no doubt that if you take the time to do the above steps and have the self control (strong reason why) this meal plan will be a success for you. The simpleness of the 21 day fix containers allows you just to count off what you have had for the day instead of measuring. The access to groups for support. Plenty of bloggers are making recipes consistently for a whole new line of prep ideas constantly in the pipeline. Of the help of people who have done the program and successfully completed it.