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2 Large Cauliflower (Florets)
1 Cup of cheese
Crushed Red Pepper 1tsp or pref.
Cayenne Pepper 1tsp or pref.
Black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Tumeric 1Tbsp
3 Eggs beaten


Tools Needed:

A Cooking pot
A food processor
Cotton Napkin
Parchment paper
A Baking Pan
Plastic wrap
Mixing Bowl

Steps Needed To Make Your Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

1.Put florets into the food processor (till finely cut)

2.Heat your stove to Med-high

3.Add the Cauliflower

4.Add the water

5.Add salt

6.Mix ingredients and let cook for 10 minutes (stir every minute)

7.Leave to cool

8.Put the cooled Cauliflower on the napkin

9.Wrap up the four ends of the napkin and drain as much water as you can from the Cauliflower

10.Put the drained Cauliflower in the mixing bowl

11.Add your cheese, turmeric, eggs, black pepper, and cayenne pepper

12.Mix the ingredients together

13.Roll the mixture into a ball

14.Place the ball onto your parchment paper on the baking pan

15.Flatten the ball with the plastic wrap and use it to form edges

16.Place the dough in the oven pre-heated to 450 degrees for 45-60 minutes

17.Take the crust out of the oven and add your favorite toppings

18.Leave in the oven until the cheese is melted

Your Cauliflower thin crust is ready to serve. Enjoy!

cauliflower pizza crust recipe

cauliflower pizza crust recipe


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