Home made Pizza sauce recipe.


What you need?

Garlic choped or minced- 3 cloves or pref.
Dried Oregano- 1TBSP or pref.
Dried Red Pepper- 1TBsP or pref.
Dried Parsly- 1 TSP or pref.
Olive Oil- 3 TBSP
5 Plum tomatoes seeded and peeled
Salt & Pepper- to taste

Containers and bowls
Wooden spoon

1. Pre-heat the pan with the olive oil to medium high

2. Add the garlic cooked to light brown

3. Add the tomato let cook for 2 minutes
-mix every 30 seconds

4. Bring the heat down to medium

5. Add the Oregano cook for 3 minutes
-mix every 30 seconds

6. Bring the heat down to a simmer

7. Add the Parsly, Salt, and Pepper

8. Leave on a simmer for 5-30 minutes.
I hope you enjoy this home made Pizza Sauce Recipe.


Home made pizza sauce
Home made pizza sauce

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