How To Make Peanut Butter

I just love peanut butter, however since I am focusing on my nutrition this makes for a great way to help me with my journey. This is a quick way to get fresh peanut butter and with only one ingredient peanuts.



What do you need to make peanut butter

All you need is peanuts and a food processor.



Can I Add More Ingredients

Of course you can this is your peanut butter so you can do what ever you would like. I used two cups for this mixture so if you would like to add something extra I have listed some ingredients I have used based off of 2 cups of peanuts.

-1 tsp of vanilla extra

-1 tbsp of honey

– 1 tbsp of cinnamon

-1 tbsp of sugar

I always recommend starting off with a little of extras then building your way up. You can always add more taking out extra really isn’t an option.


how to make peanut butter

how to make peanut butter


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