Les Mills Combat Results




Woohoo!!! I am so happy with my Les Mills Combat results. It was 60 days of getting out of my comfort zone and waking up muscles that I never really used. Overall I lost 4lbs and 5cm gaining strength, endurance and some good lookin muscles. I did the supreme warrior version and definitely found it challenging even towards the end that I was still doing some modifications especially the switch lounges. Keeping up with my diet, shakeology, and a cheat day all day really helped my complete my goals.

Where did I lose and where did I gain:

Chest: +7 cm

Left Arm: +4 cm

Right Arm: +2 cm

Waist: -7 cm

Hips: – 9 cm

Right Thigh: -1 cm

Left Thigh: – 1 cm



I followed the calorie intake recommend by the program six days a week. Shakeology was my dinner right after I worked out, this was great because got nutrition after I worked out and little bit before I went to bed.

What is Cheat day?

Exactly what it sounds like eat what ever you want as much as you want, that is cheat day. It kept me motivated by giving me something to look forward to so I would constantly cheat.

I stuck to only a few choices for ingredients for food:

-Lentils, Beans, Fruits, Vegetables, Bananas, Chicken, BBQ sauce, Hot Sauce, Top Round Steak, Eggs, hearts of palm, mustard, and Shakeology 



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