Yum! I love peanut butter oatmeal cookies, I just hate all of the added sugar and flour. How to avoid the carbs which haunt me so? This recipe is what I have so far. Consistency wise I would have to say like a scone and a bit crumbly, great in morning with a cup of coffee. Make sure you have something to drink.

What you need:

-A mixing bowl

-A hand mixer

-2 eggs

-2 cups of peanut butter

-2 cups of rolled oats

-Parchment paper

-A baking pan

-An oven pre-heated to 350 degrees

-A Fork or Spatula


How do I put this whole thing together?

1. Put the ingredients in the mixing bowl

2. Mix them together with the hand mixer (it is definitely a workout)

3. Place the parchment paper down on the baking pan

4. Roll the cookies into balls ( I use an icecream scoop)

5.Place each ball on the baking pan

6.Use a fork or spatula to press down the cookies and shape

7. Place the cookies in the oven

8. Depending on the size of the cookie bake anywhere from 10-25 minutes

9. When the cookies are ready leave out to rest so they can shape.

That is how you make peanut butter and oatmeal cookies with no flour no sugar.



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